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Pflanze Pharma is a leading veterinary medicines company in India.

We manufacture and market veterinary medicines and supplements. Our mission is to develop, produce and market a range of products that improve and protect the health status of our animals, thereby enhancing the performance of the vet care industry while living up to the highest standards regarding safety, quality and efficacy.

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Feed supplements


Gouge Powder: Packed with Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, and a Herbal Complex, it corrects milk-related issues (S-Secretion, L-Letting Down, R-Retention), ensuring optimal lactation for healthier dairy animals.

Flanzemin Forte

Flanzemin Forte Powder: Unleash vitality with its advanced blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Amino Acids, and Herbs. A potent formula to nourish and fortify, promoting overall well-being for a vibrant life.

Growth Mantra

Growth Mantra: Micro-pulverized blend with Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Herbal Extract, and DHA. Elevates glandular performance, fosters growth, boosts the immune system.


MSLOT: Corrects milk pH, subclinical mastitis, and prevents flakes/clots. With TSC, Vitamins, Pot. Iodide, Zinc, Curcumin, Herbal Complex, and Probiotics, ensures optimal quality, minimizing loss during mastitis.


PPF: Peak Performance Formula for freshy calved animals. Energizes with essential nutrients for peak performance, uterine involution, and sustained energy levels.

MIN 21

MIN 21: Advanced fertility minerals for Anoestrus, Anovulation, Unsynchronized Ovulation, Late puberty, Locomotion score, and mastitis recurrence. Optimize reproductive health with precision.


FMTR: Animal feed supplement with Ecobolic Effects, Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals. Enhance well-being for optimal animal health.

Diahold Injection

Diahold Injection: Halts diarrhea effectively with a blend of probiotics, minerals, and hydrated microporous aluminosilicate.

Poweryst Bolus

Poweryst Bolus: Rapidly corrects indigestion and anorexia, swiftly restoring feeding.


FMTR Injection

FMTR: Methyl-Ergometrine Injection (Vet.). Highly effective for ROP, Metritis, and Pyometra.


C SHot: Ascorbic acid injection I.P., effective for Mastitis, Metritis, Stress, TDS, and FMD.


MEC LA: Ivermectin injection IP 3.15% w/v (vet). Trusted solution for effective parasite control in animals.


NP-SHOT: Targets Pain, Inflammation, Fever, Mastitis, Dystocia, Prolapse, Eye & Ear Inflammation, Musculoskeletal Inflammation, and Colic pain for comprehensive relief.


PREGNIPHOS: Sodium Acid Phosphate 400 mg & Methylcobalamin 100 mcg/ml. Addresses Infertility, Pica, Milk Fever, Ketosis, Anorexia, Impaction, Postpartum issues for quick recovery.

MEC 100

MEC 100: Ivermectin Bolus and Tablet for large animals. Powerful and convenient deworming solution.


LIVOZOLE-IU: Combats repeat breeding, vaginitis, ROP, and more. Unique mix of Levofloxacin, Ornidazole, and Alpha Tocopherol Acetate for reproductive health.


PARAKILLER: Highly effective against liver flukes, roundworms, and lungworms. Comprehensive deworming for optimal livestock health. ( Oxyclozanide + Levamisole =6gm bolus)


TUNE-H Iodized Injection: Targets infertility, mastitis, skin disorders, and low temperature. Packed with Vitamin A, D3, E, H, and elemental iodine for comprehensive care.

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Our Team

Managing Director

Inderjeet Singh, a dynamic leader at Pflanze Pharma, is the Managing Director, steering the company towards innovative veterinary solutions. With a passion for sustainable animal healthcare, Singh brings strategic vision and expertise to drive the team in revolutionizing veterinary pharmaceuticals.


Bhagat Suryavanshi, CEO of Pflanze Pharma, leads with visionary prowess in the veterinary market. His strategic brilliance propels the company to pioneer innovative need-based solutions, establishing it as a trusted name in cutting-edge pharmaceuticals for animal well-being.

Director of Manufacturing

Rajiv Kumar, Director of Manufacturing at Pflanze Pharma, brings extensive expertise to our veterinary-focused company. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, he leads our manufacturing team in delivering top-notch pharmaceutical solutions for the veterinary market.

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